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WorldSkills 2017 – Switzerland hits its stride

Debrunner Acifer WorldSkills Competitions 2017 SwissSkills Team

Some of the competitors got off to a difficult start. But they have all demonstrated impressive strength of character. They are increasingly meeting the challenges better, displaying a professional attitude in dealing with the demanding requirements.

Manuel Bieri, a mould maker, says he faced some struggles on the first day of competition. He felt that he was not making good progress, and yet he still finished the task. «Today things went much better. Two or three details worked out well, allowing me to regain control and get motivated again.» The 20-year old competitor from Solothurn has put into words something experienced by many members of the SwissSkills team. Sonja Monn, a stonemason, says it was hard to make her templates because her hands were shaking so much at first. But her work succeeded in spite of it all, confirms her expert, Jean-Luc Braun.

Debrunner Acifer WorldSkills Competitions 2017 SwissSkills Team

Once she was able to work directly with the stone again, her anxiety evaporated quickly: «Working with stone is simply what I love to do.»

Carpenter Florian Nock is somewhat surprised at what he has encountered at the competitions: «The infrastructure here is not exactly what I would have wanted or expected. But I’m sure we can look forward to a good and fair competition.» His expert, Adrian Wenger, has also had some trying times. During the days of preparation, he had no time to get to know the country and its people. «We experts had to organise and prepare so many things, for example getting the wood ready for the models. That was quite stressful.» They managed it all, however, so the competition can start on time, giving the carpenters 22 hours to complete their challenge.