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We run our business processes in accordance with our quality management systems in order to meet the guidelines for SQS and IQNet certifications. As an agile company and the leading supplier to the construction, industrial and commercial sectors, we are completely focussed on meeting our customers’ needs. We are pleased that this gives us high levels of customer satisfaction. Safety is the top priority at our production and logistics sites. We are guided by our ‘Safety 1st’ slogan to take all necessary measures to prevent accidents at work.

Quality management

We learn from our mistakes

Certified processes, reliable product quality, value-creating customer service, superior product know-how and digital solutions: our customers value these attributes and enable the Debrunner Koenig Group to succeed in a highly competitive market. We address our mistakes and we learn from them – we take responsibility and we continue to develop.

We measure and check

We monitor performance indicators and quality targets through our quality management systems. These form the basis for our continuous improvement process.

We are always learning

We keep our knowledge up to date through internal and external training courses and intensive exchanges of expertise. We keep expanding our digital skills through our own Digital Academy.

Logo Safety First

Occupational safety

‘Safety 1st’ – safety is our first priority

Managers at the Debrunner Koenig Group act as role models and exemplify safe behaviour. Doing a job well always means doing it safely. Safe working methods are encouraged.

We practice safety

Early identification of potential hazards can prevent accidents. We always follow up when staff report unsafe equipment, near misses or other safety-related occurrences. Together we ensure a safe workplace.

We comply with safety regulations

Safety regulations must always be followed – we all benefit from this. We welcome our staff considering safety above and beyond mere compliance and seeking solutions to identified hazards.