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Management systems

Our bws® management systems help with your inventory management: having an overview of the inventory simplifies your planning, and efficient procurement processes give you more time for your core tasks and also save on costs.

Resource management

bws®trackmaster: efficient digital resource management

Manage your equipment, machines, vehicles and storage locations digitally and assign them to your employees as needed.

Materials management

bws®code: the flexible barcode solution

Barcode labels enable you to manage your warehouse easily, cost-effectively and with a good overview of the contents.

bws®service: the complete procurement service

We take over responsibility for managing your warehouse and assist you with procuring C-parts.

bws®logbox: the mobile warehouse

An on-site ‘warehouse’ in a container, and a storage and procurement solution tailored to your needs – you always have the right items in the right quantities on your construction site at the right time.

Mobile procurement

bws®mobile: the app for construction professionals

Do your product research and manage your procurement 24 hours a day, and access over 160,000 items no matter where you are. Use functions such as bws®code and bws®trackmaster directly in the app.