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Commercial sector

Close to the customer

The SME sector has proven itself time and time again to be Switzerland’s resilient and innovative economic engine. With over 30 locations in all language regions and a comprehensive product range, the Debrunner Koenig Group is always close to its customers. Our central and regional warehouses as well as our 25 or so Trades Centers and several supply depots ensure high availability and rapid delivery of goods to all regions.

Our proven E-Shops are constantly being updated to make purchasing even easier, including specific B2B functions. Their wide range includes products and solutions in:

  • Reinforcements and reinforcement systems
  • Steel and metals
  • Civil engineering
  • Gas and water supply
  • Building services
  • Plumbing and building exteriors
  • Fastener and fixing technology
  • Tools and machines
  • Occupational safety
  • Operating equipment.

Our own fleet of vehicles and our efficient digital solutions generate additional benefits for the commercial sector.