Debrunner Koenig Gruppe
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Debrunner Koenig Group

With over 30 locations throughout Switzerland, the Debrunner Koenig Group is both regionally anchored and close to its customers. Founded in 1755, the Swiss company has its headquarters in St. Gallen and is part of Klöckner & Co. SE, an international listed group. In all its business activities the Debrunner Koenig Group builds on proven and innovative partnerships with strong brands.

Strong trading partner

The Debrunner Koenig Group is a leading supplier to the construction, industrial and commercial sectors: the wholesale group's wide range of products includes over 160,000 items. Its four specialised product divisions cover the entire value chain.


With its four product divisions – Reinforcements, Steel & Metals, Metal Service and Technical Products – the Debrunner Koenig Group is geared to the needs of its customers. Customers have multichannel access to the group: in person in the Tradespersons’ Centers, through sales and on-site services, or digitally in the E-Shop, via the app or via bws® logistics solutions.

Reliable service provider

Efficient processes are essential for keeping up with the ever-growing challenges of the market. The Debrunner Koenig Group offers its customers digital and automated services so they can benefit from increased process efficiencies and significantly reduced costs.

Well thought-out solutions for customers

The Debrunner Koenig Group's broad expertise is founded on its engineers, its long-standing sales staff with excellent knowledge of products and services, and its well-trained specialists. The group works with its customers and partners in a service and solution-oriented approach to projects – from day-to-day business to innovations, and from digitalised interface management to the transport of goods or warehouse management.

Digital trend-setter

As a strong, agile and forward-looking company, even before the end of the millennium the Debrunner Koenig Group had set itself the goal of digitalising the supply and service chain from end to end. In 2002 the group was one of the first suppliers with an E-Shop for customers in the construction, industrial and commercial sectors, and in the late 1990s it introduced systems for automated warehouse management. The group continues to expand its digital offerings (E-Shops, apps and customer platforms) with a view to increasing customer value, reducing process costs and eliminating media incompatibilities.