Debrunner Koenig Gruppe
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This event takes place in the first week of the first year of the apprenticeship. We believe it is very important for our new apprentices to first get to know the Debrunner Koenig Group under which the various training companies operate. This event also provides apprentices with an opportunity to meet up for the first time outside of their everyday routine and to make friends. The apprentices are informed of the regulations, the schedule for the training and the values of the Debrunner Koenig Group.

Summer camp

Summer Camp is held in the first year of training and creates an optimal basis for our learners to get to know each other. During the one-week camp, topics are addressed that promote both personal development and team-building. Various tasks are tackled in groups. A daily offering of sporting activities completes the programme and creates a perfect balance of fun and learning.

Preparation for the final exams

In the last year of their apprenticeship, our apprentices are prepared at an early stage to take their final exams. For both retail administration and management apprentices, the focus is on the written examinations as well as on conversational situations that may arise on the job or during a job interview. An intensive forklift course will also be offered for the logistics apprentices.