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We are constantly investing in efficient processes and in versatile, high-performance machinery. This enables us to be flexible in production and to meet your needs precisely and punctually.

Metal bending

With our efficient production facilities we can deal with all common thicknesses of reinforcing steel, from 8 - 40 mm. We work in one, two or three dimensions, depending on your requirements. Our modern bending plants can produce small and large quantities, both manually and automatically. In addition, we process stainless reinforcing steel in our certified INOX processing centre. And we are the only supplier in Switzerland to produce demagnetised MAGEX reinforcing steel and deliver it directly on-site.



Sawing and edge banding

Millions of times a year our automatic band and circular saws deliver perfect cutting quality and precision to meet your desired specifications, whether your need is for individual cuts, a small series or a large consignment, or for straight fixed or mitre cuts.

Flame cutting

Using oxy-fuel and plasma torch heads, parts are quickly and highly precisely flame-cut from steel sheets. Our steel grit blasting plant ensures cut sheets are clean and scale-free. We guarantee you customised sheet metal processing and the highest cutting quality, to EN 1090 standards.

Customised sectional steel tubing

We manufacture sectional steel tubes in countless designs to meet your specifications, so they are suitable for any window, door, gate or facade system. We are happy to prepare workshop plans and materials specifications on request

Drilling and notching

In our drilling and notching centre we drill, notch, countersink, mill, grain, mark and thread-cut, and we process beams, bar steel and hollow sections.

Surface treatment

We provide lasting protection for steel parts with our single-component corrosion protection primer and with steel grit blasting.

Metal Service

Metal Service

Strip processing aluminium

Unique to Switzerland, our aluminium strip slitting plant provides you with an enormous selection of slit strips.

Strip processing steel

In our Multi-Metal Service Center with a strong range of products, from coils to perfectly finished pre-products, you can enjoy tailor-made solutions for rewinding, slitting, splitting, cross-cutting, cutting to length or shearing.

Sheet metal processing

Our systems cover the entire sheet metal processing spectrum: narrow band strip production, single sheet coating, circular blank cutting, straightening, soft annealing and brushing.

Plate processing

Among other things our machinery allows us to saw plates efficiently, to debur them through barrel finishing and milling, to treat them thermally and to check them for evenness.

Long material processing

The high-performance saws in our sawing centre enable us to meet all your requirements for profiles, bars and tubes, from straight cuts and mitre sawing to chamfering and thermal treatment.