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At the Debrunner Koenig Group we show our commitment to sustainable development in environmental protection with numerous measures. We are improving the energy use at our sites and in our processes, and we are implementing technological improvements throughout.

We use LED lighting in our warehouses

Over the past few years we have converted the lighting at more than 30 of our locations to LED, thereby enormously reducing our energy consumption. We also make many of our roofs available to photovoltaic providers, thus creating opportunities to produce additional renewable energy.

We drive in a modern and considered way

Logistics is one of our central services. Our vehicle fleet is always state-of-the-art. And we are constantly re- planning our routes to achieve optimum use of our vehicles and thus reduce CO2 emissions. All our drivers are trained and instructed to drive in an environmentally friendly way. We record their fuel consumption and driving behaviour.

Large warehouses, fewer kilometres

We keep a wide range of articles ready for our customers in our regional warehouses. We order in large quantities to reduce the amount of transport and where possible we arrange delivery by rail. Our staff are also reducing their travel kilometres and increasingly communicating digitally.