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We consistently avoid waste! Whether it’s consumables, energy or natural resources, we monitor the resource consumption and CO2 emissions of our processes and continuously optimise them wherever we can. We want to address increasing demands in a resource-efficient way.

We’re mindful of environmental concerns
As we go about our work, we keep a constant eye on environmental aspects and rectify any non-compliant practices as quickly as possible. We do this all the time, not just as part of our regular audits.

We expect the same high standards from our suppliers
We expect our suppliers and preferred partners to produce their goods in an environmentally friendly way. They must demonstrate that they have appropriate and effective management systems in place.

We have a long tradition of sustainability
Here at DKG, we have been focusing on sustainability, fostering partnership-based relationships with our employees, customers and suppliers, and optimising processes for over 265 years.

We are saving energy
Energy efficiency is an essential part of what we do. We implement energy-saving measures where possible and are increasingly using renewable energy sources.

We’re already carbon-neutral
Avoiding and reducing emissions is clearly our top priority. We have set ourselves ambitious climate targets with that in mind. However, despite the technology currently available for reducing emissions or even removing them from the atmosphere again, we are not yet in a position to completely avoid emissions. That’s why we’ve been fully offsetting all CO2 emissions from Scope 1 and 2 since the beginning of 2022. In cooperation with German non-profit organisation atmosfair, we run an offsetting service to support high-quality and certified Gold Standard renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, thus demonstrably compensating for the climate gases that would otherwise have been produced.

We’re installing EV charging stations at our locations
The demand for electric vehicles is still rising rapidly. Although the public charging network is also growing, it is at a much slower rate. To help speed up the changeover to CO2-free and therefore sustainable mobility, we are working with AG in an effort to expand the charging network for electric vehicles. That’s why we’re busy installing charging points at our locations – and it’s not just for our employees, but the general public as well. EV charging stations are already up and running at some of our locations, as well as at our headquarters in St. Gallen.

We're switching to green mobility
We are continuing to extend our network of recharging stations. At the same time, we added the first electric cars to our fleet in December 2023. St Gallen and Berne are leading the way, and the other regions will follow one by one. Our employees are excited about driving green and making a commitment to sustainability.