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We ensure that our business processes are aligned with our quality management systems and thus fulfil the guidelines for SQS and IQNet certification. As an agile company and leading supplier for construction, industry and trade, we focus on addressing the needs of our customers as best we possibly can. This leads to a high level of customer satisfaction.

We know the needs of our customers

Our management systems meet – and often exceed – the high standards required of top companies. We aim to keep on increasing customer satisfaction.

We aim to beat the competition on quality, not price

In highly competitive markets, DKG stands for reliable product quality, value-generating customer service, superb product expertise and digital solutions – all things that our customers appreciate.

We learn from our mistakes and do not repeat them

Learning from mistakes is an opportunity for improvement. We admit our mistakes, take responsibility and fix them.

We assess and monitor what we do

This policy provides a framework for setting performance indicators and targets that are reflected in our management systems and form the basis for continuous improvement.

We are constantly expanding our knowledge

Standing still is the same as going backwards. As a pioneer in our industry, we keep our knowledge up to date and are always coming up with new approaches, be it in terms of products, processes or management skills.