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Award for digital transformation

Debrunner Koenig Group among the best digital transformers in Switzerland

Award for digital transformation Switzerland 2022

Switzerland’s best digital performers in 2022 were identified in the 2022 grand ranking prepared by the data company Statista and the business journals “Finanz und Wirtschaft” and “Bilan”. The Debrunner Koenig Group achieved 3rd place in the retail industry and 23rd place across all sectors, and was recognised for its digital transformation. It was classed as the best B2B retailer in the industry ranking.

Debrunner Acifer AG’s first B2B e-shop was launched as early as 2002 and has since become one of the top-selling names in Switzerland. It offers its customers a variety of e-collaboration touchpoints. Debrunner Acifer now operates another e-shop, specifically for the steel & metals sector. This specialised industry e-shop combines the strengths of a high-performance IT infrastructure with industry-relevant requirements and Debrunner Acifer’s comprehensive and broad product range.

Digital solution: management and stock control

The bws®trackmaster smart system is used for the digital management of equipment and operating resources, and helps to maintain an overview. The solution, which was developed in Switzerland, is both innovative and easy to use. Even geo-tracking is possible and is mainly used for vehicles and expensive construction machinery accessories. In the procurement and management of C-parts, the focus is on simple processes, availability and efficiency, supplemented by the flexible barcode solution bws®code and various services related to procurement.

Digitalisation as a strategic priority

Digitalisation is firmly anchored in the corporate strategy “Leveraging strength” and forms part of the corporate DNA. The digital transformation of the Debrunner Koenig Group stands for end-to-end digitalisation throughout the entire value chain. Our customers and partners benefit from seamlessly integrated digitalised and automated processes.

Ranking criteria
Both internal and external factors were taken into account for the ranking. Among other things, 7,000 employees anonymously provided information on the extent of digitalisation in their company in terms of technological possibilities, openness to new digital production and working methods, and training and knowledge regarding new tools. The survey also investigated whether the company has a manager who is explicitly responsible for the digital transformation. The external evaluation considered aspects including website traffic and its development over the past two years, presence and activities on the most important social media, and the use of apps.