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EuroSkills 2016 - Optimum start and full concentration

EuroSkills 2016

“Wer simmer – Schwiizer! Was wemmer – gwünne! Nous sommes les champions! Forza Svizzera! Ooooh – Go for Gold!” With this battle cry, the Swiss Team embarked on the first day of competition.

Roger Dähler, an expert tiler, believes that the participants got off to a great start. There was a mood of absolute concentration and you could tell that the candidates had prepared extremely well for the challenge ahead of them.

Dähler has perfected a sophisticated technique with his protégé Davide Donati especially for the competition. Instead of first preparing the ground, as might be expected, the 22-year-old Ticino native started off with module 1 of his assignment, a three-dimensional wall element. This gives him more time for this demanding module, which has to be finished by tomorrow evening.

EuroSkills 2016

Plumbing expert Roger Gabler is also satisfied with his first day of work. And Reto Reifler, at 24 the oldest member of the Swiss Team, is staying calm and not letting himself get distracted. “He has been doing super work up till now, what more could you want?”

Team leader Laurent Seppey, summing up the first day on a positive note. Seppey has not experienced any problems or stress among the team members. “I think it was a perfect start to the competition,” he remarked, but went on to warn: “There are still two days to go, and there could be some ups and downs. That’s why the young people have to open a new door every day and close it again in the evening. Every day is a fresh start, another chance.” The members of Team Switzerland hopefully agree.