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Debrunner Acifer in top 5 at Swiss E-Commerce Award 2016

Swiss E-Commerce Award 2016 Debrunner Acifer
At work on the digital transformation of Debrunner Acifer AG (l. to r.): Markus Poletti, Armin Lutz, Birkan Terzi, all from Debrunner Koenig, and (2nd from r.) Peter Roth, FO Zürisee, and Hans-Peter Plöckl, Debrunner Koenig.

Out of a record number of 165 applicants, Debrunner Acifer’s e-Business platform has been nominated in the B2B category for the second time, after first making the short-list in 2014.

“Since we last participated in the competition, we have continued to expand our online offerings, adding new features such as the ‘Steel an Metal Finder', net prices displayed for existing customers, and the ‘Promotion Slider’, along with minor usability improvements,” says Markus Poletti, who is in charge of the e-Shop. The latest feature is billed: “Online to the desired product in maximum three steps”. Simplified and efficient ordering processes are the goal. The Steel and Metal Finder is accessed via the main navigation bar (“Products” and “Tools”) or

The E-Commerce Award has made a name for itself as a prominent industry distinction. In a multi-stage process, five nominees are chosen in each category. A 15-member independent expert jury rates all competition participants online. Compared with last year, the online shops once again showed some significant improvements. This year, only those shops were nominated that offer the option of mobile access.

Swiss E-Commerce Award 2016