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Official opening of modern logistics centre in Kölliken

Logistics Centre in Kölliken opening
Aargau Grand Council President Marco Hardmeier, Cantonal Councillor Urs Hofmann and Managing Director Thomas Widmer on a tour of the new Debrunner Acifer Logistics Centre in Kölliken.

At the opening ceremony for Debrunner Acifer’s new Logistics Centre in Kölliken, guests included Marco Hardmeier, President of the Grand Council of Aargau, and Cantonal Councillor Urs Hofmann. The new Logistics Centre is a success story in many respects: from its rapid construction to the high-bay warehouse to the jobs it has created.

«It is an asset to our canton to have such an innovative and socially committed traditional company here,» Cantonal Councillor Urs Hofmann said in his speech. He pointed out how Debrunner Acifer has managed to keep step with increasing digitisation and automation by relying on cutting-edge technology in its new Logistics Centre in Kölliken. The director of economic affairs is particularly pleased at how «Debrunner Acifer has not only optimised processes but is also exemplary in its treatment of employees.» No jobs were lost in the move to the new centre, with protected jobs continuing to be offered in collaboration with the VEBO cooperative the Borna residential and working community.

Logistics Centre in Kölliken

For Patrik Forster, member of senior management at Debrunner Acifer, the digitisation of commerce presents both challenges and opportunities: «The key to success is customer proximity coupled with high-performance logistics.» Debrunner Acifer has made a name for itself for many years as a local partner, and now this strength is combined with centralised, efficient and flexible logistics.

The new central Logistics Centre for fastening technology, tools, machines and occupational safety & health supplies was built in a record time of only 15 months. In his speech at the opening, general project manager and managing director Thomas Widmer thanked in particular Kölliken’s Municipal Council and Building Office, as well as the firm BFB Architekten AG, the logistics professionals at Jungheinrich, the planners, tradespersons and his project team for their hard work and dedication: «This is how to make building fun,» he remarked. Customers in the construction trades from the region were given preference for the project.

Logistics Centre in Kölliken high-bay warehouse
Thomas Widmer outside the high-bay warehouse in Kölliken.

High-bay warehouse – an automated small parts warehouse
The new high-bay warehouse has a height of 16 metres and consists of an automated small parts warehouse with 57,700 boxes, divided into seven alleys with space for 5,500 pallets, where products are stored until shipping. The fully electronic system can travel six metres per second as it picks the ordered material.

Thanks to this end-to-end automation, Debrunner Acifer customers and Tradespersons’ Centres throughout Switzerland benefit from rapid delivery and a high degree of availability. Bar codes and paperless processes ensure smooth order handling. Experienced logistics professionals are responsible for optimal process control. The automated small parts warehouse accommodates some 40,000 items. Today, 30 per cent of orders are already placed via the web shop, and its popularity is on the rise.