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Agricultural machinery mechanic wins the Debrunner Acifer trophy

Debrunner Acifer Trophy 2016
Agricultural machinery mechanic Maurice Häner, State Councillor Monika Knill, head of the Department of Education and Culture of the Canton Thurgau, and Debrunner Acifer group management member Patrik Forster.

Maurice Häner from the town of Nunningen in Solothurn is this year’s Debrunner Acifer Trophy winner. The young agricultural machinery and construction machinery mechanic, holder of a Swiss Certificate of Competence, came out ahead of the competition to prove himself the best of the Swiss professional masters. As a reward for his outstanding performance, Häner received from Debrunner Acifer, general sponsor of SwissSkills, the keys to the Swiss Master Audi A1, which is his to drive for the year to come.

At the SwissSkills Competitions, Swiss apprentices demonstrated once again the motivation and talent it takes to achieve top performance. The highest score among the Swiss professional masters registered for the 2015 competition was attained by Maurice Häner, agricultural machinery and construction machinery mechanic (Swiss Certificate of Competence) from the town of Nunningen in Solothurn. He received his award together with the other masters on Vocational Training Day in Bern from State Councillor Dr. Christoph Eymann, president of the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Directors of Education and head of the education department of the Canton Basel-City.

Scoring 317 of a possible 320 points, Maurice Häner achieved brilliant results and thus well deserves to take home the Debrunner Acifer Trophy. As a reward for his superb performance, Debrunner Acifer group management member Patrik Forster handed him the keys to the SwissSkills Swiss Master Audi A1. The car is made available to each year’s Debrunner Acifer Trophy winner for unlimited use throughout the year.

According to the Swiss Metal Union SMU, Professional Association of Agricultural Machinery and Construction Machinery Mechanics, Maurice Häner’s communicative, motivated and efficient approach to his work was the key to his top results. “An exceptional outcome par excellence,” remarked the trade association. Debrunner Acifer congratulates Markus Häner on his excellent score and wishes him every success for the future.