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Careful handling of drinking water installations

Debrunner Acifer supports continuing education in implementing directives

The Vereinigung Schweizerischer Sanitär- und Heizungsfachleute (VSSH – Association of Swiss Plumbing and Heating Professionals) invited its members, and Debrunner Acifer its customers, to the St. Gallen premises of Debrunner Acifer AG to take part in a continuing education evening. The topic was the revised W3 directive for drinking water installations issued by the Schweizerischer Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches (SVGW – Swiss Gas and Water Association). The new directive went into effect as of January 2013.

As a provider of services and products in the field of water and building technology, and as a committed sponsor and host of the event, Debrunner Acifer wanted to inform interested parties “first-hand” about the revised directive for drinking water installations. The company therefore joined the VSSH in inviting its customers, professionals in the fields of plumbing and heating planning and installation, to a continuing education evening at its premises in St. Gallen. Over 120 people took advantage of this offer to learn more about the policy changes. The revised directive covers drinking water installations from the inside edge of the building to the outlets and the connected devices. In addition to a completely revised provision for pipe widths, there are also new specifications on preventing backflow in sanitary facilities as well as concerning their operation and maintenance.

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Debrunner Acifer is a competent B2B trading partner for reinforcements and accessories, steel and metals, water supply and civil engineering, building technology, heating and air conditioning, tinsmith and roofing needs, fasteners and fixing technology, tools, machines and occupational safety and health products. The company has over 30 locations throughout Switzerland and trains some 150 apprentices. In addition to numerous regional warehouse and sales locations, the long-established Swiss corporate group also has extensive prefabrication capacities and a wide range of over 160,000 products.