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Success stories

With our strong record of supplying parts and services to the construction, industrial and commercial sectors, we have had the privilege of working on a number of exciting projects, providing our customers with a wide range of products, a variety of services and powerful logistics. We are proud to present some of our current projects.


Reinforcements product division

Knie’s magic hat: the latest sensation at the Rapperswil children’s zoo

Knies Kinderzoo (Knie’s Children’s Zoo) in Rapperswil boasts a striking new building. The 25 m high roof rests on a twelve-sided reinforced concrete foundation. The tension ring which absorbs the roof's expansion forces is held together by a BARTEC® LER bolted assembly from Debrunner Acifer Reinforcements. It effortlessly compensates for irregularities in the shaping and installation of the constituent parts.


Steel & Metals product division

Emmenbrücke’s new, sustainably built recycling centre

REAL, the Lucerne municipal association, has built a 14 m high recycling centre in Emmenbrücke LU. Not only is waste recycled here, but the building is also made of recyclable material. The huge steel and timber construction can be dismantled and reassembled. Among other things, Debrunner Acifer supplied 60 tonnes of flame-cut sheets for the project.

Metal Service

Metal Service product division

ACP 7 cast aluminium plates: maximum stability and strength

ACP 7 cast aluminium plates offer the Multi-Metal Service Center customers a low-distortion, high strength material that is also easy to process. Paul Lüthi AG relies on ACP 7 and benefits from customised cuts, tight tolerances and short delivery times – just like many other companies in the toolmaking, mechanical engineering, mould making and equipment manufacturing sectors.

Technical Products division

Technical Products division

Rehabilitation of the Stansstad-Engelberg railway line

The approximately 25 km long section of the Zentralbahn between Stansstad and Engelberg was renovated. The total closure of the line for only four weeks required, in addition to well thought-out planning, a high work rate and parallel work on different sections of the line. For the Oberdorf, Wolfenschiessen 1 and Wolfenschiessen 2 construction sites, Debrunner Acifer supplied 45,000 m2 of geotextiles in addition to seepage pipes and manhole covers.