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Logistics Specialist

Activities during training

  • Goods receipt/ incoming goods inspection
  • Goods storage
  • Order picking and preparing
  • Packaging
  • Loading


  • Secondary modern school or secondary school diploma
  • German native speaker or very good knowledge of German
  • A head for figures and mathematical aptitude
  • Technical understanding
  • Efficient working habits
  • Organisational skills and a sense of order
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Reliability


3 years

In the Logistics training (storage industry) you will find yourself working everywhere goods are transported, stored and distributed. In the goods receipt area, you will accept incoming goods, inspect them and record them in the computer system. With the help of forklifts, you will store the goods and regularly check stock levels. You will learn how to prepare ordered goods for delivery and load vehicles properly. As a member of our „Learning Community“, you will benefit from a varied training programme that motivates you and optimally prepares you for your industry degree.