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Health & safety

Safety is the top priority at our production and logistics sites. We believe in safety first and take all necessary measures to prevent accidents at work.

We set a good example and put safety first

DKG managers serve as role models and exemplify safe behaviour. They never force their employees to take on activities that do not comply with safety regulations. Safe working practices are encouraged and promoted.

Safety is always our top priority

No matter how much pressure we might be under, rushing a job or doing something in an unsafe way “just as a one-off” is not DKG’s style. Doing something right means doing it safely.

We keep risks to a minimum

Spotting potential hazards early on can prevent accidents. We carry out systematic hazard and accident analysis in order to reduce risks and devise solutions in conjunction with employees on an ongoing basis. They are also encouraged to report or eliminate potential accident risks.

We don’t just talk about safety, we really put it into practice

If employees report unsafe working tools or operating equipment, PPE, near misses or other safety-related concerns, we take care of it. Together, we ensure safe workplaces and working practices and the well-being of all our staff.

We comply with safety regulations and legal requirements

The principle of observing safety regulations at all times applies across the board. We value staff who stay alert, go beyond simply complying with the regulations and actively seek out solutions for any identified hazards.

We care about people

We provide a safe and healthy working environment for all of our employees, contractors and visitors. We achieve this through agreements and close cooperation with the relevant representatives and occupational health and safety officers.