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Nexigen® – Green Steel

Nexigen Green Steel

NEXIGEN® – CO₂-reduced steel & metal solutions

Under the Nexigen® brand, we offer transparent, CO₂-reduced solutions in the area of materials, operations and logistics that help our customers build sustainable supply chains. With Nexigen®, we support our partners in accelerating their green transformation and making their progress in sustainability visible.

Your benefits

  • With Nexigen® you can easily find and order CO2-reduced products
  • Nexigen® offers you the opportunity to reduce your CO2 footprint and achieve your sustainability goals
  • With Nexigen®, we help you expand your own portfolio of CO2-reduced products
  • Nexigen® allows you to offer full transparency to your customers

Categorisation for transparent CO2 emissions

We have addressed this issue by developing a general definition. It is based on customer demand, steel producer perspectives, steel production technology routes and the GHG Protocol* as the most widely used greenhouse gas accounting standard.

We are also convinced that apart from the complete elimination of CO2 emissions, even reducing them substantially adds value along the way to green transformation. That is why the categorisation defined by our parent company includes several CO2 reduction levels.

* The GHG Protocol (Greenhouse Gas Protocol) is a private transnational greenhouse gas accounting standard

Our categorisation in a nutshell

We differentiate between five categories of CO2-reduced products, based on the product’s actual carbon footprint from resource extraction and production to when it finally leaves our warehouse. They range from START to PRIME.

Reduce CO2 emissions with recycled steel

We work together with customers and suppliers to create closed loops and more sustainable supply chains to contribute to building a circular economy.

For existing closed loops, we collect scrap generated during the processing of our products and send it off for steel recycling. Thanks to its durability and low maintenance, steel is one of the most preferred materials the world over, be it for construction, the automotive industry or shipbuilding.

Steel can be recycled ad infinitum without impairing its quality.

The excellent material properties of steel and its recycling options reinforce our firm belief that steel is not the problem, but part of the solution.