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Social commitment

The Debrunner Koenig Group is an active partner for sustainable vocational training projects. By committing to vocational education and training, it aims to support Switzerland’s dual training system and promote young talent, while ensuring high-level training that is as broadly based as possible. We are delighted that this has met with a high level of acceptance and identification among our employees. In order to avoid conflicts of interest, we do not donate to political parties, individuals, profit-oriented organisations or bodies whose objectives run counter to our corporate governance policy, as a matter of principle.

SwissSkills Gold sponsor

Competition promotes excellence, and excellence increases the appeal of a profession. As a Gold Sponsor of the SwissSkills Team, the Swiss national vocational body, we are committed to young professionals and support them in taking part in national and international vocational competitions.

Debrunner Acifer trophy

Besides our efforts as a Gold Sponsor of the SwissSkills Team, we also award the Debrunner Acifer Trophy every year. The trophy is awarded to honour and recognise top performance by these young professionals. The top Swiss champion from all of the participating Swiss professional championships over the year is given a complimentary car to use for one year.

The previous winners:

2021 Alec Steven Gwerder building services planner specialising in plumbing
2020 Shania Colombo restaurant specialist
2019 Nils Klopfenstein plumber
2018 Tim Rhomberg IT network and systems administration
2017 Elias Reber heating engineer
2016 Mario Eggerschwiler heating engineer
2015 Maurice Häner agricultural and construction machinery mechanic
2014 Blerton Ahmeti retail specialist
2013 Jim Leuenberger heating engineer
2012 Simon Johner construction machinery mechanic
2011 Markus Klopfenstein heating engineer
2010 Natascha Spahr beautician
2009 Tobias Meier IT specialist
2008 Marco Erni & Markus Trachsel automation engineers
2007 Damian Bänziger heating engineer
2006 Marc Stämpli designer
2005 Valentin Germann plumber

Projects in partnership

We also support vocational training with industry associations and we plan and bring to fruition sustainable projects in close cooperation with our partners. Education, efficiency and environmental sustainability are just some of our motivations.