Safety & Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) Policy

We are an international steel, metal distributor and processor where Safety is our 1st priority and we are always striving to offer our customers the highest quality, best service and digital excellence.

As a responsible employer, we are committed to provide our employees with the best possible working environment and to treat them with respect.

With our SHEQ initiatives we aim for “Zero Accidents” and implement best practices with industry leading processes and sustainable management. We will comply with all legal and other requirements applicable to our business.


We are leading – Safety 1st!

Leaders within Kloeckner are employee role models demonstrating safe behaviours and they never force an employee into performing an unsafe behaviour. Safe working procedures are promoted and praised.

We never put safety second!

No matter how much pressure there is: To finish a job “quickly” in an unsafe way or to take a short cut “just one time”, that is not Kloeckner's style. Doing something right also means doing it safely.

We reduce risks!

Identifying potential hazards in advance can prevent accidents. To analyse incidents afterwards is an important part of continuous improvement. Employees are also encouraged to report or correct unsafe conditions.

We do more than talk about safety!

When employees report unsafe equipment, near misses or other safety observations we address these concerns. Together we care for safe work places, practices and our co-workers.

We comply with safety rules and legislation!

As a foundation, safety rules must always be followed for everyone’s benefit. We appreciate thoughtful employees who find safer ways to go beyond compliance and address identified hazards.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

We hate waste!

Whether consumables, energy or natural resources, we monitor the resource consumption and the CO2 emissions of our processes and optimize those wherever possible.

We welcome the environmental aspects!

Not only in the context of regular, integrated audits, we always keep an eye on the environmental aspects of our activities and correct non-conformities as quickly as possible.

We ask our suppliers!

We also expect environmentally sound production from our suppliers and preferred partners who can prove appropriate environmental management systems are in place and effective.

We work sustainably with tradition!

For over 100 years, we at Klöckner have emphasized sustainability, partnership-based employee, customer and supplier relationships, optimized processes and environmental orientation.

We are at home in the virtual world!

We cannot work completely without personal meetings and site visits, but nevertheless we have replaced a lot of business travel with multimedia communication.

Quality promise

We understand customers’ needs!

Our Quality Management Systems are designed to meet and exceed the exacting requirements of world-class corporations. Constantly increasing customer satisfaction is our goal.

We want to be better than the competition, not cheaper!

In highly competitive markets, more reliable product quality, value creating customer service, higher product expertise and digital solutions are all Kloeckner attributes which lead to values customers appreciate.

We learn from errors and do not repeat them!

Learning from mistakes is an opportunity for improvement. We admit our mistakes, take responsibility and remedy them.

We measure and control what we do!

Performance indicators and quality objectives are maintained throughout our quality management systems that are the basis of our continual improvement process.

We are constantly expanding our knowledge!

Stagnation means regression. We keep our knowledge up to date, whether it is product, process or management skills.

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Specialist in Management Systems

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Walter Näf

Work Safety oder Occupational Safety and Health
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